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The Pole Star Experiential Learning Model

Cutting Edge Virtual Experiences
Our world has changed. We have become more connected than ever before with a global reach at our fingertips. However, education has struggled to keep up with this fast pace of change.  Pole Star Experiential Learning is poised to bridge the gap between the disparities that the demands of our digitized age place on graduates and the career strengths that individuals think they have and what employers have reported. The traditional teaching styles that most secondary educational systems utilize today are not always capable of creating many of the competencies that are required in today's market. We believe that experience is the key to creating the professional that is ready to take on challenges, adapt to a constantly changing environment, and is skilled in communication.
While the benefits of experiential learning are many, here are a few of the most apparent...

Accelerated hands on learning
Real world experiences that matter
Opportunities for creative expression
Reflection on engagement
The value of learning to succeed from failure, and
Internalized experiences to apply to real life.

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"To find out what one is fitted to do, and to secure an opportunity to do it, is the key to happiness."

John Dewey- founder of progressive education
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