"Navigating Future  Professionals,  
 Through  Real World  Practices."
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Our Vision



As our company name and symbol signifies, our vision is to navigate and guide the future workforce toward developing practiced competencies, personal integrity, and confidence. It is our vision to contribute to career success by improving the world of work, and communities, to pave the way for a stronger society.​​

Our Mission

 ​​​Pole Star Experiential Learning is committed to expanding the professional experience with Core Competencies and Skillsets. Our leadership will engage each, and assist them in learning the skills necessary to develop a career ladder that achieves valuable proficiencies to meet professional goals. The shared expertise provided by Pole Star Experiential Learning is driven to provide each with the knowledge to improve the productivity of their organization while providing leadership and service to their communities. Our program enhances learning opportunities while preparing individuals for a successful transition into a first career; or by further developing professional competencies, individual strengths, and needed techniques that will differentiate them in their current organization. We aim to empower individuals to mobilize and test themselves, to help them navigate toward an amazing career opportunity and journey.

The Pole Star Evolution

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Values We Embrace

Trust ourselves and everyone we touch to trust themselves
Support each other with Teamwork to meet the success of our clients

Provide the best Quality learning experience possible

Provide the love and Respect everyone deserves in our diverse world

Deliver Passion to everyone who we touch and touch us

The world is built on Creativity so express ideas with gusto

Change is the only constant in the world, embrace it
The experiences of others shapes our Commitment

Diversity is what builds a socially responsible society - we must embrace it!
Always work to promote success of a global Community
Continually grow our Culture on inclusiveness and caring
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Our Culture

We personify our diversity, commitment, and passion for ourselves and everyone we embrace...
At Pole Star, we cultivate within ourselves a curiosity and knowledge about other people, their background, cultures, and values. We profit from these differences as they bring to the team a plethora of knowledge, experience, and perspective, that is as unique as each individual. We stay true to our word and we see a project through to the end. We have a zest and zeal for what we do that is infectious as it is part of who we are. We are intensely focused on excellence and developing that in others. 

Our Team

Our Partners

Their mission is to challenge established learning paradigms which cause an unfair advantage. We will do this by providing accessible learning environments, creating learning communities that give individuals the freedom to achieve and to take responsibility for their own lifelong learning, regardless of social demographics or ability.

You can visit them at  www.vivagogy.com
Their mission as an organization is to advocate for pioneering services and solutions that advance healthcare as we know it today. As a company, their knowledge of natural health empowers the aging adult with the ability to optimize their health and wellness. Feel free to visit on the web at www.medfreeamerica.com. 

You can visit them at www.bizrun.com.
Their platform operates via smartphone, tablet or laptop device allowing its members to connect virtually with a U.S. board-certified doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Epic MD is currently contracted with their first 600 U.S board certified physicians.
While their service is not a replacement for medical insurance or primary care, it is a meaningful step toward bridging the cost and convenience gap that most Americans experience when it comes to acute ailments and the availability of timely care. Discover more at our affiliate page: www.PoleStarHealth.epic.md
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