"Navigating Future  Professionals,  
 Through  Real World  Practices."
Amber's Story
For 40 hours every week, I work in an accounting office... but I feel that my real work is done when I'm not in my office chair and I'm teaching people yoga, mindfulness, healthy body mentality and bringing people to fitness so they can be happy in both mind and spirit. I was lucky enough to encounter experiential learning, before becoming the VP of Sales for Pole Star, and I can honestly say it changed my perspective on my capabilities and self-worth. By balancing my two kids (who were both under five at the time), my accounting job, my yoga and fitness career, and the experiential learning program, I was able to gain the confidence necessary to understand that I am capable of anything and everything that life can throw my way. While the program honed in on many professional skills like positive management, delegation, emotional intelligence and effective communication; it was the knowledge that I could manage myself and my time that made such a difference for me. Additionally, I could do so in a way that was beneficial to those in my immediate circle, that made it a life-changing experience for me.

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