Corrine's Story
After years of dedicated service with a job I loved, I found myself laid off. As a working single mother, I wasn't sure what I was going to do to be able to provide for my family and discovered that through the Dislocated Workers Program that I could go to school and earn the longed-for degree.  It was while I was finishing my Bachelor"s in Business that I decided to do an internship instead of a capstone project. This is where I discovered experiential learning. I wanted to see if what I had learned throughout my educational journey was truly going to work within the corporate world and whether I Was ready to enter the world of business or was I just good at writing papers? I wanted an opportunity that would allow me to learn about climbing the corporate ladder while gaining valuable hands-on experience, and it was an experience that I will never forget! I was challenged and discovered talents that I didn't think I could do alone. Mistakes were made, but learned from; there were personal conflicts, but resolved; however, through it all, we learned and grew, as individuals and a team. What I wish I could tell you is that if you ever have the chance to experience something like this, you really should! It provided real-world experiences that I would never have gained. The self-esteem and confidence were vastly improved upon, along with my leadership skills. Today, I am fulfilling a lifelong dream of being able to give back what I have been given and doing it remotely! Pole Star Experiential Learning is a virtual company that allows me to work from home while doing what I love. Are you already thinking that you would not know where to go for an experience like this because you are out of college or out of a job? We can provide you with the opportunity and expertise. Contact us today and let's talk about your future...

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