Kevin's Story
Often in the lives of passionate people there comes a time when we do things that are game-changers in the world (or at least we are legends in our own mind!). 

I have over the last six years developed and continue to perfect an Experiential Learning Program that to my knowledge has yet to be achieved, as I am doing it in a virtual academic world. One of my influences was David A. Kolbe, who in my opinion is the Father of Experiential Learning. I have taken his principles and brought them forward to a modern digital age. 

By allowing students to design, develop, implement, and manage the effectiveness of applying the academic knowledge from a degree program to the practical experience of operating a number of online businesses from the ground up; students to gain critical competencies that will differentiate them in the workforce based on their individual experiences.

These businesses are built on a corporate structure with a team of remote virtual interns working in positions ranging from Vice President, Director, and Managers. Their goal is to grow operations by making mistakes, correcting them, and becoming confident decision-makers with the ability to change their future career ambitions while also taking remote work to the next level.

So as many of you who might be thinking “this guy is crazy,” well, not crazy just passionate about affording students an opportunity in a world where experience and confidence are everything. When they get a degree, every student MUST have the ability to have practiced everything they have learned – that experience changes their dynamic in the world of success!

If you want to know more reach out and we can talk!

Kevin A. Cojanu, Ph.D.
Experiential Learning Leader

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