"Navigating Future  Professionals,  
 Through  Real World  Practices."

Changing Lives 
"Navigating Future Professionals, Through Real World Practices"  

First Time College Student

Entering college means visions of career opportunities once they finish. It is reported that graduating students feel that the knowledge of their degree program was not enough to make a difference in helping them land a job or gain a career. Without actual competencies, the employers are asking every new hire to have; these young graduates are faced with challenges and fewer career options. 

 The Unemployed

There are supporting materials that discuss the hiring practices of many organizations that often are concerned to hire the long-term unemployed as they have lost the competencies that they once possessed during employment. Whether or not it is a valid assumption, giving these individuals the chance to regain lost skills while acquiring new provides possibilities and valuable resume experience. 

The Pole Star Evolution

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Adult Learners

In many cases coming back to college means that many adult learners are seeking a career change or are looking for better opportunities within their organization. Many believe that the finished degree equates to an immediate promotion. However, this isn't often the case. The realities are that without those necessary competencies to lead and the experience gained from being able to lead, they may get passed by when it comes time for promotion. 
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